Assert Energy

Energy bills can give any businessman nightmares if equipment are not monitored properly. Assert provides appropriate energy monitoring and control equipment that not only help in monitoring energy consumption patterns but also help in reducing the energy bills.


How it Works

Lighting Control
  • Enables control over all the equipment remotely.
  • AC switch off/on can be performed from anywhere.
  • The electrical equipment can also be event-controlled such as lights on/off based on door entry.
Intiitive Control
  • Access via user friendly web interface.
  • Each user is provided with authorized access to data.
  • Include all necessary functions and information to monitor machines and facilitate energy saving in addition to asset management and error reporting.
Trend Analysis
  • Analyse energy usage patterns as well as critical conditions.
  • Take actions based on data.
  • Analyse UPS use, battery discharge etc to manage resources
Proactive Actions
  • Consumption can be reduced at least 20 percent and reduce your carbon print.
  • The solutions make all operating data and error reports available anytime and anywhere to give you sustainble competitive advantage.